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About Tatung



² 1963 Tatung Junior College of Commerce

² 1999 Founded the Affiliated Two-year Junior College of Continuing Education

² 2003 Promoted as Tatung Institute of Commerce and Technology

² 2015 Tatung Institute of Technology

About Tatung

² We are known for our outstanding alumni, fully dedicated staff, advanced facilities, and dynamic learning environment for over 50 years.

² We have successfully founded undergraduate programs in the fields of hospitality, management and design.

² We are currently comprised of 9 academic departments in three distinctive programs: day school, night school, and the affiliated continuing education programs.

² Tatung has a student body of approximately 2000 students.

Mission Statement

We aim to enrich students’ professional knowledge, equip them with practical skills, and help them exhibit effective teamwork so as to meet the needs of Taiwan current job market requirements.

Industry-Academic Collaboration

In order to improve students' whole-scale learning quality, we try to strengthen students’ knowledge on both professional theories and practical skills. We not only enrich our library resources, but also provide some pleasant places for both faculty and students to present and demonstrate their creative works. In addition, we work hard on improving industry-academic collaboration. Teachers are encouraged to work on projects with corporate bodies.  Students are offered an opportunity of internship to cumulate their practical experiences.  Teachers are also willing to assist them employed during or after school days.

International Cooperation

We have established formal academic relationships with twenty-one universities from all over the world.


² Department of Fashion Styling and Design

² Department of Food and Beverage Management

² Department of Business Management and Design

² Department of Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment Management

² Department of Social Work and Service Management

² Department of Sports, Health and Leisure

² Department of Wedding Planning and Design

² Department of Baking Technology and Management

² Department Of Tea Culture and Business Management


In general, tuition fees are about NT$ 49,000 per semester.  Each department varies a little. There are five months a semester, and two semesters an academic year. For details, please refer to the following website


Requirements: Senior High School diploma

Application Periods: April 1st to Auguest 31st for Fall semester (September ~ January)

Application website:


We provide students with six-bed rooms. The rent is NT$14,200 each acadamic year.