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Department of Tourism and Leisure and Entertainment Management




In response to the rise of Taiwan's tourism industry, the Department of Tourism and Leisure and Entertainment Management was established in 2005, combining the important tourism resources and industries of Chiayi County. The department trains the talents needed in tourism industry.

Curriculum Design:

The courses are divided into two parts: leisure tourism and hotel management. The courses include tour guide training, travel industry management, travel itinerary design, theme park management, leisure farm management, tourism resource planning, hotel management, hotel management, beverage and cocktail preparation.


All of the teachers in our department have practical experiences and professional licenses.


² Students can choose to take off-campus internship courses to work in some enterprises for one year to cumulate their practical work experiences. Our internship units include well-known travel agencies, tourist hotels, theme parks, leisure farms, restaurants, and overseas travel industry.

² After graduation, our students have good work performance and high rate for job employment.