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Department of Tea Culture and Business Management



Curriculum Design

Our curriculum planning focuses on four major areas

² Tea culture accomplishment.

² Tea making and Tea tasting skills.

² Tea meal and Tea drink application skills.

² Tea business management.


Primary Industryagricultural Production

Tea Art Tea Seat Tea Party Tea Banquet Tea for Studies Book of Tea


Secondary Industryagricultural Processing

Tea Making Skill Tea Baking Tea Dyeing Cloth

Ceramic Art Packaging Design Tea Snacks Making

Tea Meal Tea Drink Herbal Tea

Tertiary Industrydirect Sales

Marketing Store Exhibition E-commerce

Creative Product Development Internet Marketing

Tea Professional skills

Tea art service ability

Tea making skill ability

Tea tasting ability

Management and integration ability

Hospitality service capacity

Integrated marketing capability

Innovation and entrepreneurship


Educational Goals 

Under our training, students are able to

² Become as Tea garden operator or Micro or entrepreneurs.

² Become Tea art teacher. Tea maker. Tea taster or Tea baking artist.

² Become Tea store, Tea art store, Multiple store manager.

² Become Tea electronic commerce marketing planner and manager.

² Become Tea area guided tour staff.