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Department of Baking Technology and Management



Our program aims to help students become professionals of modern baking industry who hold both international and modern view. Our curriculum planning focuses both on the education of creative baking art and on the knowledge of hospitality management. Hopefully, students may not only gain a theoretical understanding of baking art and creative marketing, but also develop the practical skills of baking.



² In order to help students understand the dynamics of practical skills, our department actively provides lectures of baking talents and marketing professionals.

² Core courses contain the training for professional certification exams of baking related area.  The license admission rate for both Chinese and western pastry continues to hit high record every year.

² The cooperation of industry-government-academic is emphasized.

² With integrated teaching faculty and advanced equipments, students are able to gain multi-learning.

² Students are encouraged and trained to attend some international competitions related to baking.  They continue to make waves in the world culinary competitions every year.  In 2017 Hong Kong International Culinary Classic Competition, students won one gold medal, two silver medals, and five bronze medals in the category of Pastry (Professional).

² Our program offers innovative baking related courses, including Architecture of Plated Dessert, Professional Chocolate Manufacture, Pulled Sugar Art, Japanese Pastry, etc.